Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions
  1. Client to ensure kit is complete Built-Tuff is not responsible for any missing parts
  2. Client may be responsible for any costs associated with down time due to missing components.
  3. If any components are missing the builder reserves the right to continue with another job which may be completed prior to returning to site.
  4. Site must be clear and accessible with the least 2m clearance on all sides or additional costs may be incurred or 3 to 4 meters if height equipment is needed such as Scissor Lift Scaffold or Crane
  5. Estimates over the phone are given as “Estimates only” and will be confirmed on inspection of site and actual components supplied.
  6.  Any damage to power tools caused by client supplied generator will be charged to client.
  7.  The builder is not responsible for the cleaning of components, e.g. mud or moisture damage unless caused by his neglect.
  8.  All components must be within 6m of the building area and readily accessible or carrying charges may apply.
  9. Final payment is not subject to council approval and must be paid on practical completion.
  10. Costs involved in loss of discount on hire equipment or labour due to interruption by missing components or extra work required by client will be charged to client.
  11. Any decision made by the builder regarding site safety or work method statement will be discussed with client; however site and personnel safety will be our priority.
  12. Any component supplied by the client will not be covered in the quotation unless they have been inspected as to suitability and safety for inclusion.
  13. De-bogging of any plant or equipment is at owners cost.
  14. Builder will clean up the site; however rubbish removal is the owner’s responsibility unless otherwise stated.
  15. In the case of a contract supply/build all materials are the property of the builder and retained at his option.
  16. Storm water disposal is the clients’ responsibility unless otherwise stated.
  17. Any damage to underground facilities not designated or stated by the client are at clients expense.
  18. Any requirements by government, statutory or supervisory bodies after the quotation will be at the client’s expense.
  19. It is assumed toilet facilities will be available on site.  If not, toilets will be hired at the client’s expense.
  20. Power supply readily available to site, or a suitable generator will be supplied at the clients Expense
  21. Payments are to be made within 48 hours after stage completion. By any of the approved methods.
  22. All hire equipment not included in the quotation is to be paid by the client to the provider within a timely manner.
  23. All additional materials that are ordered for the construction works such as flooring are subject to price change and provider availability.
  24. No unauthorised person is to be within 5 meters of the construction site at any time throughout the construction process Built-Tuff will not be held reasonable for any injuries accidents that accrues within the construction area.
  25. This quotation covers entirely our offer. Anything that has been discussed or implied that is not covered specifically in this quote, has not been allowed for and is not covered by this quotation. If we have missed something that you require, then please contact our office via email built-tuff@hotmail.com or Phone 0400 000 136
  26. By accepting this quotation you have agreed to all of the above terms and conditions.